Bitwig Preset: Generate

Bitwig Preset Generate

Generate notes and automation where you can fix it in loop or randomize the sequence.

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One of my favorite that I made so far.

It stores gates, pitch and extra modulation in an array and loops over it, you can modulate from keeping it in a loop to random new note generation, which can create a slowly moving melody.

Length is variable up to 32 length or 2 bars.

Control Knobs

  • Write - Will constantly write random values in the array

  • Loop/Var - Switches gradually from no writes(fixed loop) to full write.

  • Density - increases the chance a note gate will be written

  • Length - Sets the length of the loop. I can’t limit this but you should use it from 2 to 32.*

  • Min Note/Max note - Sets the boundary of the generated notes.

  • Velo Width: Sets the width of the velocity(0->100/75->75).

  • Reset - Resets all the notes to 0 gate.(Hold it in for the entire loop).

  • 16th/8th - Switches from 16th to 8th length notes.

It also works polyphonically, just increase voice stacking.

Edit: extra tips: can also be useful with some drum samples on a multisample instrument.
Connect it to Polarity’s midi out to use external instruments

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Really enjoyed playing with this:


Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Just added a little something to my patch:

You can create weights like this on where gates are more probable to happen

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Nice preset! Relaxing sound out of the box and many ways to customize it for other purposes.

I just downloaded it and I am not seeing this Steps module connected to that Density knob.

Hey, I don’t think I can update the patch And I didn’t want to upload a new one with just a minor tweak as the patch is intended to be modified to your likings.
I will probably post my V2 version, still thinking on what to add, but it’s already a lot more complex with several pitch and gate weight methods, more gate outputs and modifier outputs.

The example above can be added as is (steps module that modulates the density). I made a more worked out one that is better tied in with the loop length and a control knob where you can adjust the amount of weight added.

Basicly the default phase input from the steps module should be off.
Take the output from the counter and patch it in to the phase output. Personally bipolar steps work the best to my liking. Then you can multiply it with a value knob to add some control. Use the output as a modulator for the Density knob. (Or whatever you want to modulate :slight_smile: )
Oh yeah, to work properly with the counter it’s best to use 32 length steps if you want 16th accuracy.

Maybe I finish it this night, but I’ll try to get it done at last in the next couple days.