Bitwig Preset: GEN - krell v1.8

Bitwig Preset GEN - krell v1.8

musical random audio generator with scale quantize. added more chaos. Too much feedback in chaos circuit will cause self-retriggering, way too much will silence it

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There are several versions of this synth. Does each one deprecate the previous ones? If so, it would be useful to make a note in the previous versions. Happy to help. :slightly_smiling_face:

A big and generative Grid patch with 6 pages of remote controls, interesting to explore and produce sounds with. The Krell name seems to be a reference to the Krell patches, but at least in its default configuration and after playing a bit with the remote controls, I got different sounds.

I haven’t tried Bitwig Preset: GEN - krell v1.3 and Bitwig Preset: GEN - krell v1.6, I guess they are just previous versions leading to this one.

Indeed, they are previous versions, that produce quite different results. I got rather attached to the glittery arps produced by the earliest version, the latest one is the most chaotic and has more controls. I found each version produced different useful results

Was inspired by the famous Krell patches, although I could not quite achieve the level of chaos heard in the hardware patches

Suppose I should have put more in the description. More movement and chaos can be achieved by adding modulation to the various remote controls

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