Bitwig Preset: EQ Trainer

Bitwig Preset EQ Trainer

I use this to train my ears to frequencies, turn it on and press the stop button whenever, then use the Freq Check to determine what it is, then wait for the timer to reveal the frequency, you can set the timer for up to 10s, lowest 600ms. The protection button levels out the range for our ears, otherwise would be annoying. Speed is how fast the pitch is changing in the randomizing.

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The idea of using the tools provided by a DAW to build an educational tool is very interesting!

Most Grid presets work better when the Grid window is expanded, but for this one I found it is better to expand the EQ+ from the FX. The “game” is simple once you have played a bit with the buttons and knobs.

I was expecting some kind of numeric results. What frequency has the peak of the sound and what frequency did the user choose? I wonder whether this could be displayed, if relevant at all. Also, the grave sounds come with a very wide wave and (without having a clue about sound engineering) I wonder whether they could be slimmed a bit and still be recognizable by our ears, for better precision.

In any case, as said, very interesting idea!