Apply changes to all selected clips if multiple clips are selected

It would be nice if bitwig would apply changes made in the clip editor to all the clips that are currently selected. I think this would make working with samples much faster. I guess this is also something everybody would expect to happen.

Currently only one clip is changed no matter how many clips are selected, which means you have to edit each clip individually. This quickly becomes tedious and annoying.

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just for explanation

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Hi @gaex1ux5, thank you for contributing to Bitwish.

Isn’t this the idea of Alias clips / Linked clips?

This is similar. What i mean with selection is rectangular selection with mouse or shift+click. So it would not have to be the same sample or clip, depending on the clips you have selected and no need to link them first.

I’m referring to MIDI CLIPS — in a single swipe (selection) + command “Crop Clip” (in Ableton) deletes all the rest of the unselected material in your midi clip - post recording - very handy in Clip Launcher :slight_smile: