A feature to make Bitwig consistent

There are times when Bitwig is too dynamic because every view has another function in it.
This made me miss some features from other DAW, like the single inspector view and native UI toolbar for opened plugins in Logic and Studio One.
I wish there was a function that could be static all across Bitwig for consistent access to plugins, and this is also due to opened plugins take all keystrokes except space bar.

Both these features affects the core working of bitwig. I was thinking that you can help me make a feature request, that doesn’t interfere with current functionality, and to see which feature is okay with users.

    • Make the inspector view multi-paged and have the option to pin one view (either track or clip view) and toggle it with a shortcut.
  • Add native UI toolbar for plugins, which will show all plugins in that chain with Bypass, Preset and Sidechain selector like Studio One and Reaper.

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@romil59 hi, I’m not sure whether this request is related to yours about toolbars for plugins, but I thought you could be interested anyway: Native plug-in UI window decorations.

In any case, anyone can create a draft straightaway. Drafts can be voted, so people already have a chance to express their interest there.

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