What is the process for making feature suggestions?

I’ve browsed through this category and I’ve checked the FAQ, but I can’t find out how we can actually submit ideas / suggestions. I on\y see that I can’t post in “Features”, so how does it work? I may be missing a link or something, but if I am, then perhaps it’s not displayed clearly enough? This must be the #1 question for most people who come here, but where is it answered?

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Just go to the category “Drafts”, and post there :slight_smile: After the feature request has been overlooked by the admin, it may/may not be promoted into the Features section then. Depends on if its a duplicate / well formulated feature request, as far as i know.

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thx I had same problem as OP
(not sayng this site sucks but it kinda does) :see_no_evil:

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Hi, thank you for pointing this out. There is Writing a good feature request, which I have now l;inked from the top banner How to contribute to the Community Wishlist and why. Is there any other place where you suggest it could be linked from? Or any other improvements you would make?

my suggestion would be a Banner on top of the “Features” category. (not sure how easy that is to implement from a webpage standpoint lol) I have the impression that most users come to that main-category. The main problem of marek seems to have been that he only saw a greyed out “Start new topic” button in the Features category. If a Banner would be there, on top of the features-category, linking to your “How to …” page, that would potentially draw the ‘lost’ users to the right direction :slight_smile: Oh, and wouldnt hurt on the mainpage either. So the “how to…” jumps into the eye at the mainpage, too

Hi, I didn’t follow up here because in the meantime I have been thinking about getting rid of the drafts process altogether. It has been very useful to build a good quality community wishlist from scratch but now the effort it takes doesn’t compensate. See Bitwish project log 2023 - #20 by icaria36.