Vertical scaling for automation (solved)

We already have time based / horizontal scaling.
Vertical scaling for automation would also be cool, for example you could use it to make a filter
movement more subtle.

You can already change the height of tracks. There is also this request: Waveform vertical zoom in arrange.

Is your wish covered with the above?

Iā€™m still not sure I understand the layout of this website but is the request/wish for a way to scale automation vertically? If so this is already possible via the inspector (although a more direct visual way to do it like in ableton would be nice). You can move any selection of automation points up/down, scale them relative to each other and add some chaos to the values;
Mar-10-2023 11-24-57 bitwig automation scaing
Also you can select any region of points eg. you can focus on the lowest points in a filter curve and flatten and increase their values without affecting points higher up your curve (handy to avoid going too low or too high in a filter sweep)


This is exactly what I was looking for.
Thank you very much.