"Trigger" - new Operator idea

This was inspired by exchange I had with @Deva on Discord (thanks!) and I wanted to bounce it around here to see if it makes sense :slight_smile:

So, the idea is to add new “Trigger” operator that’s available at any note or audio event - just like the other Operators; with 3 modes, with one parameter for each mode:

  1. “Trigger” mode - this would generate a short “pulse” signal at specified transmission “channel” and it could be picked up by any Modulator as a sync signal, to re-trigger the LFO, envolope, MSEG (eventually…), step sequencer, etc. The transmission channel would be global, so a trigger generated on track A could be received by Modulator on any track.

  2. “Clip” mode - this would launch a clip in Clip Launcher with given name (Bitwig would have to populate the list with available clip names dynamically) on the same track

  3. “Scene” mode - this would launch a scene in Clip Launcher with given name and would work from any track, obviously.

How would that be useful?

For one, it would be very handy to control Modulators if you need to retrigger them at specific place, for example break out of their default cycle. Or as a sidechain signal.

But for my money this would be a super elegant replacement for Alias Clips feature - you could build a library of ideas (single clips, whole scenes) in Clip Launcher and then just piece together an arrangement using references - triggers - to that library in Arranger with MIDI clips containing notes with Trigger operators. There could even be some sort of gesture (e.g. Ctrl+Shift+drag) to drag out a reference clip from Clip Launcher into Arranger to make the workflow faster.

@antic604 Are you (or anyone else) interested in turning this message into a feature request in #drafts ?

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