Tip to improve arranger in bitwig - safe energy to be focused

Hello dear colleagues, I would like to ask if you could implement a new function that would make it very easy for me to navigate the arrangement when using multiple tracks.

For first look there is nothink special, but if you are looking for left panel and afterwards to the right side of the arranger you lost the line where you are located. It is very often and this take lot of energy to be focused.

If you would like to add optional design function that the track line will contain alpha transparent background color same as the track head color, this will be the best function last time ever!

Hi @Tomáš_Mark, welcome to Bitwish.

If you want to contact the Bitwig team then you should write to their support email address. Bitwish is a community project and we cannot even guarantee that the Bitwig team will see your request here.

If you want to submit a feature request on Bitwig, you need to follow the template used by all the requests. This helps you proposing actionable features and it also helps others to decide whether they vote for your request or not. See Writing a good feature request.

As it is now, your proposal cannot be promoted to #features.

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