The new browser panel categories

I get the idea that I’m doing something wrong or something went wrong with my beta5 installation. The new browser is a total disaster for me. All categories have disappeared, only a few are left and almost all devices and presets (600+) are now all stored into a “Synth” group.

I’m unable to find anything and the only way to drill down into these 600+ presets is by using subjective meaningless tags like “dark” or “wet”.

Same goes for audio effects, almost everything is crammed into an “Audio FX” group now.

Is this supposed to be the behaviour?

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So far I’m not liking the new browser… i am only just getting used to the previous browser and was planning on spending some time getting to know it to get the most out of it. I didn’t get the feeling it needed an overhaul and i’m worried it’s all in service of selling more preset packs

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I think it’s much better now that you have a section for everything and you no longer need to click in between the different categories i’m much faster at actually finding stuff. Also each device has now an arrow that leads you directly to the presets which is great imo.
What’s most annoying for me is that there is still no option to delete any content from bitwig which is also the reason i am not downloading anything from them. All that stuff comes write-protected and will be downloaded at the next session if you delete it manually via root. It’s already bad enough with the stock presets which are 90% garbage. I don’t need any more clutter in my library.

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Well that gives me some hope that it’ll be worth learning the new browser rather than the old one

In case it helps, from the beta 4 notes:


  • Browser: Location filter now includes your Collections & Smart Collections, so those are readily available again
  • Browser: The Location filter is now sorted better, including user locations filed under their type (Sound Content, Music, and Plug-ins)