Tagging our tracks/albums on Bandcamp/Soundcloud

Hello, this is just to encourage people to tag their music on Bandcamp (or Soundcloud or whatever) with the tag “Bitwig”.
I follow the tag on Bandcamp and have discovered some excellent music e.g. Kadonneet Maat but I feel like there must be loads more out there!

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Big +1 to this! As a matter of fact, several creators are here sharing their music because they used a Bitwig tag or mention. :slight_smile:

Related, a few days ago a new feature silently landed on Bitwish. Now user profiles include fields for your artist links on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube. Users adding links there will have little icons in their user card and user profile linking to their artist page in these platforms.

If there is interest, we could offer more features here related to this:

  • Badges for creators on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc, that not only look good in user profiles but also allow to see a list of all Bitwish users on a certain platform.
  • Topics for creators on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc, to meet and discuss how to best use these platoforms.
  • Even groups for more cozy conversation.