Stop mouse from jumping to fader endpoint when clicking on fader?

Is there any way to stop the mouse cursor jumping to the endpoint of a fader in the arrangment view? It drives me insane every time I click on a track with the default track sizes in the arranger view.

I know it’s a small thing but I was just wondering if there is a setting I have missed somewhere or something I can change in the backend preferences/config file or something?

If not - this would be a great UX feature request!

@Chris_Thomson-Drew Bitwish is a community wishlist. Maybe someone answers your question here, but if you are looking for a Bitiwg support forum then Bitwig Forum - KVR Audio is the right place to go.

i tried this, and this seems to only happen when you click and move the volume slider. you could try to not click the sliders and then it shouldn’t happen.