Spacebar to start/stop while plugin is focused

I can’t use the spacebar to start/stop my track while messing around in a plug-in, as the plug-in window takes full focus. Also I can’t play notes using laptop keyboard even when Caps Lock pressed. This makes it SUPER tedious to click back and forth while making small changes.

The wired thing was when I installed Ubuntu 22.10 (Wayland) and Bitwig 4.4.4 at the first time. All plugins (including yabridged) passed through all keyboard events to the main window as I expect. I didn’t mention any issue typing text into the plugin fields (u-he, surge, tal). After first restart I can’t get the same behavior. Now all keyboard events goes only to the plugin, but not to the main BItwig window.

Do somebody have idea how to use redirect all keyboard events to the BItwig when plugin in focus on wayland?


This only happens for some plugins with me, not for others.
I guess that means, Bitwig allows Plugins to take the keyboard if they request it (Sometimes this is a good thing). Still I agree generally excluding SPACE from this would be nice! This can get very annoying.

As a workaround, you can use the normal (midi-)Mapping function to map your spacebar to the play button, then it will also work in when focusing on Plugins that usually prevent this.
Feels kinda dirty, but right now I can’t really think of a downside.

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Yes, this is annoying, but it seems to be down to the plugin maker rather than Bitwig.

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Now it works for me after the latest Ubuntu 22.10 Gnome update. Reason Rack and U-he plugins work as expected!

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