Sostenuto and soft pedal support

Seems pretty simple to implement considering it is part of midi (cc 66 and 67). What I want moreso is for bitwig to process midi better or not at all, i.e. passing the midi stream directly to plugins, which it doesn’t seem to do. Please correct me if I’m mistaken

Hi @Ben1, welcome to Bitwish. I see you also have posted on

Did you add the piano as a controller on Bitwig? Are you receiving MIDI notes when you play the keys? If you do, unless I’m missing something, CC messages shouldn’t be any different, regardless of the number.

Screenshots welcome. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome, yes that’d be me though I tend to avoid reddit lol, this seems like a nice community! (I have chuckled already at the contention in a very interesting thread about parallel processing)

I should have said, the piano notes and sustain pedal are working fine, and the sostenuto and una corda are working in kontakt as a standalone but not as a vst in bitwig or studio one, definitely seems like a problem on my end but where the problem lies is where I’m lost. So as for bitwig I’m sure now it’s not their midi implementation and this thread is pointless but I’ll update if I find anything, lots of dead threads around the internet regarding sostenuto but no one ever seems to find answers

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update: It does seem to be bitwig, or a least bitwig and my controller, I’ve found that in the controller tab in settings I can set a cc to the sostenuto and soft (but not sustain) pedals by midi-learning the pedal, so they are recognized, however in the main on a track I can for example add the midi module (blue icon like note effects or whatever) and set the sustain pedal to be a parameter and that is recognized fine but the other two aren’t. So it seems bitwig selectively recognizes the pedals in different contexts, which is troubling as I can’t see why it would do that, also almost as if by magic the pedals all work fine in studio one now… (sigh emoji)[why isn’t there a sigh emoji]

Will do a video to demonstrate in a bit

edit: Here is the video

Also I can confirm that with a midi monitor vst the two pedals are not being received, sustain is, so like I said in the original post bitwig seems to not be passing direct midi data. Since this seems to be specific to me I can’t say it’s a bug but it’s definitely an occurence

edit: finally got it, seems to be a bug with the generic controller script, switched to “keyboard + 8 device nobs” and that fixed it. Still seems to be a bug rather than user error though, as you’d expect a generic controller to work with generic midi CCs

Have you contacted Bitwig’s support? I’m afraid I can’t help you further, it goes above my skills. :slight_smile: