Show when a group contains tracks soloed or muted

Solo’ed and Muted tracks are hidden when groups are collapsed, so you have to go hunting. An icon in the group headers would solve this problem.

What problem(s) would this feature resolve?

When you’ve got a lot of tracks in groups, it can be a pain to find where the solo or the mute is.

How does this feature fit in Bitwig as a product?

Better usability.

Is there already an alternative way to achieve this on Bitwig?


Could it be implemented using Bitwig components or APIs, without Bitwig team’s support?


Could it be provided by a VST or something else reasonably integrated with Bitwig?


Are there other products that offer this feature?

Ableton Live

Relevant links (optional)


I mentioned this a few years ago during a google beta thing, it was ignored. Ableton has a solution for this. On the group header, a square is half coloured diagonally to indicate something muted / or solo’d within the collapsed group. It’s late, I’ve had a beer, but there is a solution if my description is off. :smiley:


@here If you can improve this draft just a bit following Writing a good feature request, then we can move it to #features.

Top post edited and draft promoted to #features. @here thank you for your patience. :slight_smile:

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