Shortcut to zoom vertically

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This would improve my life exponentially, but only if they could make the display center on the currently selected track like Logic does. That should be part of the request IMO, otherwise it’s a constant dance of zooming and then scrolling to re-find where you were. Ableton has the same centering problem. Also, I would gladly accept any combination of modifiers for this, not sure if a specific one needs to be in the title of the feature request.


True. Bitwig completely looses focus whenever you switch between small & large track heights or changing vertical size of tracks with new shortcuts added in v4. I suspect that’s why they’ve not added it yet.

This is a good point. I’ll edit the title to make it generic, and add the suggested combination to the description.

Since there’s already a keyboard shortcut for vertical zooming, it probably makes sense to specify that this is a request for scroll wheel function

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There’s another request in draft for vertical zoom using a pinch gesture. Could this perhaps be merged?

I think they’re different use cases, to be honest, and feature requests should ideally be constrained in scope. If I was a bitwig dev, I wouldn’t want to have one ticket for two completely independent features.

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We can still link to each other in the Links section.

I have added a link to Vertical pinch zoom gesture in the description.

This feature request has 6 votes. Not bad! Does anyone want to work on the description?

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