Save automation per clip

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At the moment you can copy parts of an audio or midi clip, then make the clip longer and the original contents of the clip will reappear.

However automations get lost during this process.

I would like to have an option to make automations behave like audio and midi so it can be brought back.

In the picture i copied the one half of the clip and then dragged the length of the copy back to one bar. You can see that the notes come back, but automation doesn’t.


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Interesting suggestion! I hope you wrote this to Bitwigs Team, too.

I hope they check out this site from time to time.

@gaex1ux5 sorry for the late reply. Please us the template that is common to all the posts in Features. It helps keeping good quality of feature requests in general, and it is based on the feedback we received from the Bitwig team back in the day.

automations work on either track or clip level. if you write automation on clip level, then it will be saved with the clip. moreover, on clip level you get options for 2 relative automations additionally to absolute mode, each can have independant start/end marker and loop region.

of course, to retrive saved automation in clip you need to drop it on empty space so it can create new track and place device chain that was used, otherwise I think only MIDI automation can be retained if you drop such saved clip into existing track.

Thanks, i didn’t even know there was automation modes. I will try that and see if i can figure that out.

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