Return control for Gate device

Currently, the Bitwig gate will produce an audible ugly stutter when the level of the incoming audio is around the threshold.

The Ableton Live noise gate provides a “return” knob. According to the manual:

“Return (also known as “hysteresis”) sets the difference between the level that opens the gate and the level that closes it. Higher hysteresis values reduce “chatter” caused by the gate rapidly opening and closing when the input signal is near the threshold level.”

For me, access to a control like this is the difference between a gate being usable and not being usable, and it seems like a relatively straightforward addition.

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Hi @sullyj3, welcome!

Ok, so this is about Gate. Without knowing much about this specific problem, I wonder whether (given Bitwig’s modular aspect) there isn’t a modulator or an effect device that can be used to obtain the same result as this “Return”.

@sullyj3 Are you (or someone else) interested in creating a feature request in #drafts ?

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