reRecording MIDI signals to the piano roll after passing Note FX

NoteFX can be very interesting and yield a variety of results, but it is also accidental and difficult to fine-tune.

It would be useful if the signal after passing through NoteFX could always be recorded in the piano roll again, allowing for fine tuning and recording.

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Hi @cos, welcome!

Is this request in the lines of All randomness should repeat within a project + seed of randomness ?

EDIT: Audio pre-record comes to mind as well.

Hi @icaria36, Thank you for your reply.
I think what I am proposing is a little different from that.

In addition to random, I expect to be able to re-enter and fine-tune the results of Note FX, for example, Note Repeat, Dribble, Ricochet, etc., into the piano roll.

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Sorry, I just tried it and was able to achieve the desired functionality!

From the Note Input of a track, I was able to select the Note FX of another track and record it to expand it to the piano roll.

When I contacted Bitwig support, they said it couldn’t be done. …
But that might have just meant that I couldn’t record from my own tracks.

I’m sorry for troubling you.


I’ve not been able to get midi CC messages to record, even using another track.


Simply selecting the Track as input, not the NoteFX, also records midi CC for me.
In the above image this would be using the NoteFX (track name) as an input not the device Dribble.


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My question has been answered.
Thank you


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