READ FIRST! How the unofficial Bitwig Video Guide works

(We are still building the table of contents of the guide, but you can already post, comment, and upvote in the existing topics)

Bitwig Studio User Guide companion where you can upload and upvote videos.

If you watch videos to learn about Bitwig…

:white_check_mark: Upvote the videos that you find most useful.
:white_check_mark: Leave comments.
:white_check_mark: Encourage publishers to submit useful videos that are missing.
:white_check_mark: You can publish videos that aren’t yours. If the author claims their video, we will reassign it to them.

If you publish videos about Bitwig…

:white_check_mark: Post as many of your videos as you want in the right topics. You only need to paste the URL and the software will do the rest. A short intro about the video is welcome, and optional.
:white_check_mark: Use links with timestamps if the topic is covered only during a portion of the video.
:x: Without a timestamp, don’t post long videos about multiple topics or barely connected to the topic.
:x: Don’t link to videos requiring registration.
:white_check_mark: If one of your videos has been published by someone else before, you can claim it in the comments.

Opt in to receive notifications

This Bitwig Video Guide is opt-in. If you want to see updates in your timeline about a specific category, click the bell icon that you always find on the right side of Bitwish pages, and select your preferred level of notifications.



If you have questions, suggestions, or you miss anything, your feedback is welcome (for now) on Psst! Check the upcoming Bitwig Video Guide (an experiment).

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