Proper granular mode for Sampler

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Not sure exactly what this entails (even more controls for grain parameters would certainly be nice) but I feel like access to Elastique mode in the sampler would be super useful and could perhaps fall under the same feature request?

Yes, I also meant more control over the grains (spread, crossfading, etc. - compare to Reason’s Grain instrument). But specifically to have more than one grain, because that is what Sampler currently only has.

Doesn’t voice stacking let you have more grains ?
If it’s not enough, here is a simple trick (don’t forget to add polyphony voices)

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Do we think these workarounds are sufficient or would this still benefit from the template being filled out and moved to #features?

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Stacking does give more grains, but it is limited. It would be much better to have something like a “density” or “grains” knob on the sampler. You would be able to modulate it, and have a higher amount. If we had that, I think the sampler would be a full featured granulator, because other common granular parameters, like “jitter” are already possible with the modulators.

Would anybody like to fill out the template in the OP? We can get this moved over to #features once this is done

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The description should be more specific, I think. “Proper” it too vague and does not give an idea about the specific feature requested here.

In my opinion, the only thing that it lacks to be a “proper sampler” is a density knob, so you can do grain clouds. (I know voice stacking can do it, but pretty limited and not automatable). Besides that, this pretty much does everything that most granular samplers do. Some less common features would be the options of quantizing grains to the tempo or pitch. These things could be done in the Grid, so it isn’t totally necessary, but would make it easier. But, in my view, the only essential feature to make the granular mode “proper” would be the density knob.