Play time selected audio only

I can’t believe there isn’t a way to use the time selection tool in audio editing and just play the selection from start to end with a single keystroke, like it is possible in Ableton or in Audacity. I switch to Audacity sometimes, only because the workflow is so much easier and sped up, if you want to cut audio material into samples. Is there a hidden way or shortcut, i just don’t see?

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I submitted this as request to bitwig, but god knows when they decide to add this simple function (that of course needs a shortcut). This is absolutely essential to have.

What you go to is, check the behavior settings. You can click a checkbox that automatically puts the playhead to the current selection. But when you use this option, it comes at the price that this always happens, even in situation when you dont want it. Pick your posion.


It is a clunky workaround and i hope they will get, what a win it would be to do it just like in Audacity.

For the time, i bound putting the loop-braces to selection with R (Index Finger) and then hitting space. Where free selection is easily available with the pinky on SHIFT. Doing that in the Clip-Mode will loop the whole clip and in track mode you can’t see the loop braces in the editing view. It’s quite a hassle. :smiley:

@here does anyone submit a request on #drafts that users can vote?

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