Pin plugins in the end of the chain

Friends, give a plus who would like to be able to fix plugins at the end of the processing chain, more precisely, if we are talking about a mixer and an inspector, then at the very bottom of the inserts. When adding new plugins through the pop-up browser, they also remained at the end of the processing chain. I think it is very useful when creating templates, for example, where a sidechain plugin and a filter hang in the tracks at the end in the inserts. For a better understanding of the cubase photo inspector and is also implemented in logic. There are gaps in the processing chain, in the end I will keep the necessary plugins, but through the pop-up browser add plugins to the pinned plugins. Will the developers be able to implement this function. It would be very useful and convenient when mixing. This is implemented everywhere except bitwig and ableton

Hi @олег_тарасенков , welcome to Bitwish. Feature requests must use the common template. It makes describing a request easier, and it also helps people deciding whether they want to vote for the request, and for developers to eventually assess the request.

About the content of your request, when a user adds a device they click a “+” sign somewhere. If you want to have it at the end of the chain, why not simply clicking the last “+”?

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