Piano roll editing features - what's new?

Hi Guys,
owning an old BW-8TRK-version from 2020*… would you please update me on my questions, what improved
concerning the piano roll editing?

I mostly use the piano roll for composing and put together my scores for learning on my instrument.
Quick editing is key, so I avoided the old BW as some features were missing by then…
maybe you can give me an answer if some things changed? I’d love to buy version 4 or 5 now, if so:

  • grabbing a group of notes will give you some stretch-handles in Ableton which I need to quickly create quintuplets, and higher… does this exist now? (I know, formerly there was/is that tuples-dialog)

  • does “muting notes” now offer a shortcut?

  • are there options now for editing ‘ableton-wtyle’ time signatures?

I know, it sounds kinda picky - but I have to rely on fast editing and are used to think creatively by pre-editing scenes by time signatures…

*I instantly loved the BW’s workflow and concept, though I had to choose a DAW for most efficient composing via piano roll /"mouse-click"entry :person_shrugging:t3:

oh my,
guys no one seems to be here.
seems bitwig should have built their own proprietary forum instead of letting users build several…
bad for us

Yeah, for discussion and community support, Discord or KVR are better bets than here. I’m not an Ableton user, so I don’t think I can help you.

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