Physics engine type modulators?

I’d really like to see some physics simulation type modulators in Bitiwg, and we already got 2 related devices for this, but they’re specific for note modulations.
Let’s think of modulator types that would be not too intense for modulator usage, but useful. Here’s first suggestion:

Attractor/Repeller XY particle simulation

similar to XY pad, but the position dot serves as either attractor or repeller, while ‘particles’ spawn with voices. we can then have following parameters:

  • Particle spawn distance from pointer
  • Particle spawn position in degrees around pointer
  • Particle entry angle on spawn
  • Particle initial velocity (could be tied to velocity expression)
  • Attractor/Repeller pointer mode switch
  • Pointer gravity well diameter
  • Pointer gravity strength
  • Walls behavior: bounce/wrap
  • Speed limits: min/max
  • Particle interaction level (which will create a gravity force for particle as well within some boundaries. potentially if you map polyphonic modulator to this, like Velocity/Pressure expression, then each particle will have different gravity, or even fluctuating, making for quite complex movements)

Such modulator will have just one mod out per axis (X,Y), with one particle per voice.


Could this be built (or deconstructed from) Ricochet and Dribble? I mean, how much work done for these new devices could be reused for these modulators you are suggesting.

I think the particle attractor/repeller modulator could re-use some of the Ricochet UI actually, but unlike Ricochet the point of this one is not in collisions, but motion.

Here’s some example for said ‘modulator’, borrowed from Usine, except it’s 3D axis type and has some extra quirks. I’ve made it generate CC’s allocated to 8 channels and passed on to Bitwig, where conveniently CC modulator has ‘voice’ channel mode. also a good example how XYpad behaves in absolute mode. changes position of cursor where you touch/click

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