PaulStretch algorithm for audio clips

What it says on the tin. I know there’s already stretching algorithms, but they don’t sound great when stretched an enormous amount. I know there’s already the PaulXStretch VST, but it doesn’t work great with playback and having to bounce an audio clip every time I wanna use it musically isn’t much better than the standalone version.

PaulStretch is open source, with my complete lack of programming knowledge I assume it could be integrated amongst the pre-existing stretch algorithms. I know it’s CPU heavy, but users would rarely use more than one at a time given how dense a sound it is.


Hi @esplanade, welcome!

For context:

PaulStretch algorithm in the demo project created by its author.

Paul Nasca’s website.

There are several implementations of this algorithm in standalone apps and plugins. Here is Venus Theory explaining how it works:


The license is GPL2 which means it can only be used in other opens source projects, so unless Bitwig becomes opens source, that’s not an option.

Bitwig could maybe make a deal to get another license.

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Ah darn, hopefully they consider it though! It’s such a powerful tool, it’s a shame the current ways of using it kill the workflow