Option to stretch based on pitch when using the Repitch algorithm

What it says on the tin. I know that we can already Repitch based on time, and I know that there are calculators out there that allow me to work out the exact tempo change needed. However, it would be nice to choose whether I want to Repitch the sample based on musical intervals, which I often do. Calculating tempo changes takes time and kills the workflow.

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Idk if i understood exactly what you meant, but i guess this can be done already. If you click on the audio clip on the bottom left you will see a menue called “Mode” where you can choose the stretch algorithm. Set it to repitch and you should be good

Nah my suggestion is for within that mode, being able to choose your Repitch amount to be either tempo based (as it currently is) for rhythmic samples, or pitch-based (my suggestion) for pitched samples.

@esplanade is your request covered by Transpose by semitone in repitch mode?

Yes! It’s covered by that.

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