Note Grid

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Polarity Music - the note grid is fun…

Andrei Olenev - Note Grid in Bitwig 4.2

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A demo instead of a tutorial. Comes with a repository of Note grid based projects:

This is a video showing a new step sequencer I made, that combines features that I have shown how to make on previous videos. I also added a Root/Scale selector, which just gives you 2 knobs to switch root and scale for quantization. I explain how to make the root/scale selector at about 11:30 into the video

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This video shows how to make a felxible, easy to use auto chord device, using Note Grid, Multi-note, and Pitch12 in Bitwig.

This device will add chords to any notes you feed it, and have them work within whatever scale/root you have selected. You additionally have control over chord types and inversions, as well as an option to add a bass note to each chord.

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