Need audio scrubbing!

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Are there other products that offer this feature?

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I could not find (this is my first post) a ‘category’ about audio scrubbing, so I chose about Bitwish, just so I could start posting.

I dumped Ableton after 12 years (I’m a professional) because of stability issues.

I am SLOWLY getting the hang of BW (far more different from Ableton than I thought it would be). Folks, the Bitwig company acknowledges audio scrubbing is a useful and necessary feature - their words.

Where is it? I mean this is much more serious than Ableton not having lanes for 22 years. Really. I have not heard of or know of another DAW including Cubase in 1998 that doesn’t have scrubbing though someone told me of a work around which I’ll try.


@acerf Bitwish is a community wishlist. Maybe someone answers your question here, but if you are looking for a Bitiwg support forum then Bitwig Forum - KVR Audio is the right place to go.

No, dude, I’m not looking for support. This is much-requested feature, LOL; and one BW themselves says is a, quote, “useful feature indeed.”

Just beating the drum for it.

But, thanks.

In that case you can create a feature request using the template used by all requests, and it will fill a gap on Features .

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