Native Audio Editor Repair Tool

Anybody else think it makes sense for Bitwig to have a native audio editor/repair tool available to do surgical edits to wav files? It is easily the most loved feature for me in Adobe’s Audition. Izotope RX9 is probably the industry standard plugin that exemplifies this capability, but is the cost of Bitwig alone just for part of the capability. The full capability is in RX9 Advanced, which is $1,200.

When cleaning up field recordings and/or other source material for a short film I produced, I used Audition’s editor many times to surgically remove clicks, pops, or clean up spectral anomalies using the spectral representation and common paint/erase toolsets. If you’ve never tried one, it is a pretty awesome experience.


@GrizzlyAK would you like to work on a feature request in #drafts ?

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