My first song here..looking for input about first melody in track

Looking for some feed back…is the moldy wonky? Its perfectly Quant…but it sound early or late…but maybe I just listened to it too many times. lol.
Also how do I share a project?


Excuse the typo…Melody…

@Sonarman thank you for sharing your music!

You can edit your first post (look for the pencil icon under the Soundcloud box) and then you click the Upload icon.

You can edit your own posts to fix typos etc. :slight_smile: Just click the pencil icon.

Timing sounds fine to me.
As for sharing a project. You can collect and save the project to a folder in MS OneDrive or something similar and then share that folder with your partner. Obviously they will need to have a compatible Bitwig version and the same plugins

Nice atmosphere!