MIDI maps for plugins in focus

It would be splendid if Bitwig would allow MIDI maps per plugin like Studio One does with its focus maps.

In Studio One you can save individual MIDI maps with all automatable parameters for every plugin and when you open a plugin window the mapping automatically is activated. So open your synth and you have the customized control – even with feedback to the controller for the actual parameter state. Go to another plugin window and the mapping adapts to that.

In Bitwig you can only map 8 values (with switchable pages) for the automation window. So if you use something with more than 8 encoders like TouchOSC, the Midifighter Twister or the Electra One controller, you are unnecessarily limited to see 8 values simultaneously, or you have to map every parameter for plugins individually in a project and cannot use them over multiple plugin instances or projects.

Hi @Björn_Bischof, Bitwig offers a script framework and API to produce your own MIDI controller scriots. There are many community produced scripts, and then there is The Site Of Jürgen Moßgraber - Software - Bitwig Studio Extensions which includes a Flexi framework that makes the creation of scriots easy for non-programmers.

You mention the Electra One, which is supported by Driven by Moss. Have you tried it?

Searching online one can also find various Bitwig scripts for TouchOSC and the Midifighter Twister.

Will features like this always come from 3rd party scripts, or can basic MIDI mappings persist between projects natively inside Bitwig without the heavy lifting?

I’ve personally spent a bit of time experimenting with scripts such as those by Moss, and while these are very powerful and certainly radically change how Bitwig interacts with devices such as the Native Instruments Maschine/MK3, etc, this also requires a large investment of time to become proficient in. I am a 30+ year net/sysadmin and I found Moss’s scripts to be far too maximal for my minimal philosophy, and I wound up routing Maschine/MK3 my own way.

But in the end, is the above what the OP is proposing? Or are they asking just for persistent MIDI mappings for devices, stored within Bitwig’s local configuration? I think the latter.

@Björn_Bischof @Milkman76 If you just want to do a basic MIDI mapping, you can open the plugin in Bitwig, do your MIDI mappings, and then right-click the device and “Save Preset to Library”. Right?

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