Mid-Side options in eq+

EQ is like on every track I use and I basically always wanna be able to quickly adjust just the mid or just the side. I know bw has the mid side split device for that, but for the ease of use I want bw to make an exception sometimes, for a faster workflow.

So Im kinda wondering, did I miss a thread about eq+, did I miss an already existing feature request or am I the only one, that thinks this would be super useful.


Hi @alienecho, welcome. Just confirming that no feature requests have been submitted related to EQ+ (or Mid-Side Split, if that would be relevant).

Yep totally agree !

Also a dynamic eq would fit perfectly


Using a sidechain Modulator, a Dynamic EQ is already easily possible.

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Just make a preset for Mid/Side Splitter with several Remotes for the most common operations.

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That’s what you have Audio Sidechain modulator already

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