Mark a feature request as seen

Is there a way, on Bitwish, to “mark a feature request as seen but don’t want to vote for it”, don’t know if I’m clear enough, but it could be a way to browse feature requests later without seeing the ones you’re not interested in voting for

Good question! Yeah, as we start having dozens of features it makes sense that regular users want to start “cleaning” their list removing those requests they know that are not interested about.

I believe this is the best solution that can be achieved with the software we are using:

First of all, regular users probably want to switch to Latest for the default homepage. The Top or Votes views are good for newcomers, but for returning users Latest is more useful. You can switch you Default Home Page in your preferences.

This alone brings the attention to the requests that are having activity. If you are not interested in a request but it is not seeing any activity, they will be quickly buried in your Latest view.

If there is an active request that you are not interested about, or you just want to keep your list clean, you can use the Mute function. Every topic has a bell on the right side. Clicking the bell you can set the notifications you wish for that topic. If you are not interested, select “Muted”. From that point, the request will not be listed in your Latest and you will not receive any notifications about it.

Default state, “Normal”.


“Muted”, with the bell crossed.

On mobile, the bell icon is located at the end of the posts, before the Suggested Topics.

Muted requests still appear in Votes and Top, though, which might be seen as a bug or a feature. :slight_smile:

@Pol_HALBERT, I hope this approach helps you.