Launch Bitwig without loading a Project or a Template

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With the currently available Open on Start behaviours, upon launch Bitwig always either loads the Last Project or opens a New Project.

If, like many, your Projects and Default Templates contain lots of plugins, this makes Bitwig open slowly. This is an issue since sometimes I want to work on a previous project and other times I want to start a new one. This means that 50% of the time I have to wait for the Template or the Last Project to Load completely, THEN close it and start a new project or load an existing project.

Can we make the Behaviour Open On Start > Dashboard NOT load any Project or Template? Instead we should have the choice to either load or Open an existing Project or Start a new Project.

Hi @JimDiGritz, Settings > Behavior > Open on start > Dashboard does exactly what you are requesting, isn’t it?

No. That option STILL loads a project in the background.

I want Bitwig to have the option to start with NO projects loading.

Is it so important if it’s opening a project in the background or not? If you close the dashboard or select New Project you will get a new project. If you select an existing project you will get the project you have selected. This is the same result as:

Your issue is

Choosing “Dashboard” your heavy projects or templates are not loaded by default, you don’t have to wait 50% of times to get where you want, and you don’t have to close anything to open something else.

Wrong. I’ve no idea why you’ve taken against this suggestion so completely!!!

I use a heavy Template for 95% of my work. It has 100s of tracks and plugins. It takes a while to load. I set this as the default Template (see the 95% mentioned above).

When I set the default open to Dashboard it OPENS this heavy Template in the background.

Sometimes (maybe 60% of the time) I want to edit an existing project. In these scenarios I need to wait for the Template to load (often wierd bugs occur if I close a project while sandbox plugins are still loading). This is a series of delays an extra steps.

Since there is no simple option of starting Bitwig without loading a Template or a Project this causes delays in my workflow.

In context I use Bitwig 9+ hours a day and start it on numerous occasions throughout the day. Perhaps you only use it on rare occasions and don’t have this issue.

But why should I HAVE to close or leave another Project Tab open - whilst I’m sure Bitwig has excellent performance and memory management there HAS to be some overhead to having a huge template open in the background.

Again, why can’t Bitwig give the User the choice here???

The only reason why I’m challenging your proposal is because I believe you can solve your problem with Bitwig as is and I’m trying to explain how.

If you have a heavy template selected to be used in new projects then yes, Bitwig will load that heavy template in the background even when you select “Dashboard”.

If you deselect that template, then it won’t be loaded in the background and Bitwig will launch quickly with a default new project in the background.


If you want to start a new project without any template, it’s already there. If you want to start a new project using the heavy template or any other template, go to Templates and select the one you want. If you want to start an existing project, select it and it will be loaded on the place of the pre-loaded new project.

Thanks, but that by definition, is a workaround.

Imagine if Word always opened a document full of pictures when you launched it, and when you opened a new one the keyboard was locked to the first one (eg what Bitwig has to do with activate audio engine). Plus when you try to quickly close the first word document it always asks you if you want to save it first… Another set of wasted clicks.

Other DAWS and applications don’t do this for a reason.

It would be trivial to add a fourth on start behaviour of Dashboard Only…

That would allow users to still use New Project and load my preferred template, but speed up workflow if I ant to load an existing project immediately. Win win.

Ok. Please edit your request to fit the template that is used in all Features. Also, I suggest you email Bitwig’s support with your request if you haven’t done it already.

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