Keyboard shortcut for Alternative way of selecting - soloing track layers that should be in focus on/off from the arrangement window

The Idea: The user would be able to specifically toggle layers visibility / locks for tracks from the outside of the pianoroll layer editing window, where the track layers section lives. He would be able to select the clips instead in the Arrangement window and use a shortcut, that would use these clips to select and override and become active - focused instrument tracks in the track layers window.

The ux problem:
The track layers can get overwhelming with increase of the instruments. The scale list grows and the complexity of navigation goes along with it. I find myself while working to jump between the arrangement window and pianoroll windows constantly to adjust midi notes and this follows with toggling layer visibilities and locks a lot. When i am in the Arrangement window, i may solo specific clips or listen to different clip sections where different midi arrangements do their job. If i decide to edit any of them for whatever reason or purpose working primarily with midi, i have to hunt them first in the track layer list toggling on/off the visibilities and the locks. If i could just select the clips i wish to have where my focus is atm and use a shortcut that would have higher purpose to override, disable all current layer visibilities and locks following enabling only the ones coming from the Arrangement window Clips selection, i could dive back into pianoroll and have them visible, ready to work on without the need mentioned above.

Problem solving summary:
Keyboard shortcut that Disables all layer visibilities, locks and Enables only those that have been specifically selected as clips in the Arrangement window. This way the user doesnt have to hunt the clips from the list when being in the pianoroll. He can plan them from the outside, from the Arrangement window and jump immediately to work on them through the power of layering functionality which, gets challenging with addition of every new instrument track.

Function Flow Concept:
0.Shortcut Pressed = True
1.Disable all layer visibilities for all tracks.
2.Disable all layer locks for all tracks.
3.Check for the clips selection in the Arrangement window.
4.Target the corresponding tracks for the selected clips.
5. Enable layer visibilities for the targeted tracks
6. Enable layer locks for the targeted tracks

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@Planessix I’m very sorry for not answering before. I have struggled understanding your proposal, and I wonder whether the lack of comments means that I am not the only one. I get a bit lost in the terminology used. Let’s see whether I am understanding this right.

We are in the Arranger. We have multiple tracks. The tracks have multiple clips. Let’s say all of them are Note clips. Until here correct?

What do you mean with “layers”, “visibility”, and “lock”? As far as I know, tracks can be hidden only when they are inside groups, but you are not mentioning groups here, so maybe I am misunderstanding.

In any case, what you propose is that users can select say, 3-4 clips from various tracks, and then with a shortcut hide all the rest. Once the Arranger only shows these 3-4 clicks, users could jump between these active clips with another shortcut. When they are done, they could restore all the rest. Is this what you mean?

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Np mate :} i tried to make a video explaining, hope it makes more sense after watching xD.

@Planessix or anyone else, do you want to create a request on #drafts so people can vote it?

Hmm, you can try, this idea is QOL feature and not really necessary a must :} Thanks Ica!

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