Kadonneet maat - atmospheric techno

Four or five years ago I realised I want to lay the project I have been releasing music under for almost 20 years to rest. I had to break free from a lot of manners I had developed.

I embarked on a journey of learning, diving into music and DSP theory, modular systems and so on. It was a very healthy period of time when I could focus almost full-time on music, gardening and spending time in nature. It was very liberating to not think of releasing anything for years.

An album did grow out of those experiments however, and finally it’s out. Now I’m back to the city, a father, and have a full-time job, so a project like this won’t be possible anytime soon.

I used many acoustic instruments and modular effects of my own design on the album to give it an unified and unique sound. (for Bitwig users, many of the fx can be found in the user library btw). Most of the pads and atmospherics are built from my own recording sessions.

I have also dropped VST plugins almost completely in favour of creating everything with Bitwig native devices. Some things like Kontakt libraries have no alternative since NI is very aggressive towards attempts to create a converter for their format, which is sad. For the reverbs I used Valhalla Room a lot, and I use some Zynaptiq stuff for specialised DSP that can’t be achieved otherwise. I did use some of my own analog gear, but not so much for this album because I was interested in finding out what’s the inherent sound of Bitwig in itself. I also used some great hardware remotely through Access Analog and Mix Analog. There are a few sounds from Composer Cloud, but I had to drop it because Ilok is such a problem under Linux.

I have never spent so much time in polishing the details of an album, and I’m very content with the result. I hope you’ll enjoy them too!


That bassline… it’s so disgusting… I love it :star_struck: sounding great @Taika-Kim, I’m listening to the rest now!


Thanks :slight_smile: I tried on some tracks to create basslines that sound like old diesel engines breaking down, or maybe the sped-up creaking of tectonic plates, along the theme of the album.

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