Invitation to join an exquisite music collaboration

Who wants to join in the creation of a musical Exquisite Corpse made with Bitwig?

The goal is to produce a track through the unplanned collaboration of multiple people in small steps. This allows everyone to participate, regardless of music production experience and time available.


Start your turn

You can start your turn if…

  • the last version of the project has been created by someone else
  • nobody is in the middle of their turn (In that case you can reply “I’m next”).

To start your turn, just reply “I’m working on it”, and start counting one hour.

Add a small increment

You can do ONE of these things:

  • Add one device or modulator or Grid module and tune it.
  • Add a note or audio clip with content, maximum four bars.
  • Add one other action, like set tempo, mix tracks, automate a track…
  • It’s ok to create a new track to complete any of these steps.

You CANNOT do any of this:

  • Delete stuff.
  • Change set parameters (changing defaults is fine, adding modulation or automation is fine too).
  • Add any external samples (using Bitwig sound packages is fine)
  • Add any plugins.
  • Use more than one hour to share your new version (you will lose your turn).

Share your new version

  • Save as... the project, keeping its name and increasing the version one unit.
  • Edit your last post and upload the new file.
  • Explain what you have done.

During the collaboration

  • Anyone can discuss anything related to the project and the collaboration.
  • If there are any incidents or unforeseen situations, we will resolve them on the go.
  • The track is never finished, but the same person cannot upload two consecutive versions.

(You can suggest improvements to these rules as we go, or start a new topic with new rules.)

Let’s start!

Here is the file:

bitwish-exquisite-1.bwproject (14.5 KB)

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