Improvements to Audio Clip Exporting

I recently spent some time (my first) recording audio clips in BW and exporting them as 32-bit WAV files to play in my Media Player. I spent a lot of time repeating the process for many of the recording/exporting cycles because of the workflow, being that it is so different from typical Post Audio DAWs I’ve used in the past. I wanted to share my thoughts on what would improve BW for me (and maybe others) in that regard.

(1) First is setting WHAT to export. After recording a clip, I set the Loop Region in the Arranger to include the entire clip. I then File > Export Audio… and in that dialog, I have to click Loop Region to set the range to export (which is really redundant IMO). This caused massive headaches when forgetting to do that last step and export either a truncated file or one much longer than it should be depending upon what region was last set in export. It would be EXCELLENT if there was an preference setting (either global or in the Export dialog) to ALWAYS export the current Loop Region, instead of having to actually CLICK the Loop Region button to set the range with every export.

(2) An even better option is to be able to select a clip and BOUNCE CLIP TO FILE, instead of the whole “set loop region and export and set loop region again” way. Along the same lines, why not a BOUNCE TRACK TO FILE, and let BW set the Loop Region from the track start to the end of the LAST clip on the track?

(3) Another gotcha I discovered when doing this repeatedly was that when exporting audio clips, I set the Loop Region (which toggles Repeat Loop), so that when I record my next audio clip, recording STOPS when the Loop Region is exhausted, if it happens to be shorter than the clip being recorded. Perhaps another Preference to turn off automatically setting Loop when setting a Loop Region.

EDIT: Just discovered that nearly half of the files exported were 50 to 100 MB of silence, because even though I’m exporting a CLIP, if the TRACK is Muted, BW exports SILENCE. So, I opened Audition and rerecorded them all: record track, open clip in waveform editor, crop, fade, normalize, save, done. I’m going to stop trying to force this square peg into a round hole. :persevere:

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