Ghost notes?

Am I missing something or do we really need ghost notes

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What are ghost notes?

You mean this?

Make sure to switch to Tracks mode and enable Layered Editing (sorry, the counter obscured it - it’s the stacked paper sheets icon in bottom-left of pianoroll) :slight_smile:

@ArcaneAftermath do you still want to discuss ghost notes in Bitwig? What feature are you missing? Are there other DAWs working with ghost notes as you expect?

@Deva ghost notes are notes that are either played at a lower volume in percussion or that are so short in strings etc that don’t have pitch value, just a rhythm value. I’m no musician so this definition is likely to be flawed and definitely incomplete. :slight_smile:


EDIT: I see that someone added fl-studio as a tag. I did a quick search and there are some results i.e.

Is this what is wanted? Does anyone want us to move this topic to Drafts and write a feature request for the wishlist?