Feature Suggestion - Use double (or triple) digit default numbers in recorded file names


Currently Bitwig assigns successive names to recorded .wav files using only incrementing single digits.

This makes the resulting list fail to sort once we get to the tenth file and above.

Please see attached picture.

The fix would be to generate the default names with double digits (01 - 99) or even triple digits (001 - 999).

This would result in the files sorting correctly in order of creation, which is much to be desired! :grin:


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This is a small and yet relevant detail. First of all, have you sent an email to Bitwig support? The implementation of this is perhaps rather trivial if they want to do this.

Yes, I have emailed this Feature Request to Bitwig support.

I hope you’ll join me in that! :smiley:

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Welcome back @sj1! Do you want to turn this into a feature request that others can vote?

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