Eq cutoff in the inspectorpannel in addition to volume and pitch

Everbody knows how handy bitwigs inspectorpannel is…

cuting down little snippets of an audioevent in a Audiotrack. After cutting it down you can select any of this snippets to get to the inspectorpannel where you can set lenght, volume, Pitch and other kind of stuff… what iam missing, is to change the filtercutoff for any of this snippets. I guess the filtercutoff has to be a own filtermodule that is just in the inspectorpannel and not the Global Filter or Eq placed in that Audiotrack.

i guess i messed it up again!
How can i Post my Bitwishes in the Votes section?

Requests to be voted must be created in the #drafts category. In that case, they need to follow the template for feature requests.

I can move your two topics currently in #brainstorm to Drafts, if you are ok with using the template (and generally having a bit more patience than in a casual #brainstorm conversation). :slight_smile:

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