Drag and drop samples from the arranger to a drum machine

You can drag samples from the browser to a drum machine and the sample will automatically be put in a sampler device and can be played.
Please make it possible to do this from the arranger too.
Now you have to manually add the sampler device first.
This would save a couple of clicks.

You can drag & drop a sample to the device panel, and it will be put in a sampler device. It makes sense.

Yes, but then i still have to move it to the note where i want it so that is extra steps.
Let’s say i want my kick on c1, from browser i can do: sample → c1 and i am done.
With your method i have to sample → device chain → device chain → c1.

Try to slice and reprogram a drum loop and see how that makes a lot of extra clicks.

I’d recommend getting renoise redux for slicing and reprogramming drum breaks, because it’s just so much faster.

Do you want to submit a request to #drafts ?