[Draft discussions] Renaming Tracks quickly

I agree with this so much, will write a suggestion ticket to them in the new year about it!

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And rename the track and the events at the same time would be very welcome as well

When you do, please link to to this request. :slight_smile:

@LXIF what do you think about this suggestion?

I like it, though I think it should be selectable - let’s say enter, click outside and tab rename just the track but using, say, the shift modifier also renames the clips.

Oh, that reminds me - batch renaming and numbering!

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I just tested this, and… If you rename the track using the text box in the inspector panel and then you click elsewhere, the name is saved.

Since the inspector panel is at sight or it can be called with the “i” shortcut, renaming through this panel is anyway likely to be faster than using the right-click and rename option.

i usually just hit cmd-r - mousing around is something i avoid as much as i can haha

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I have copy-edited the description, following the guidelines and trying to capture the discussion. What do you think?

Unless there are any blockers, I will promote this draft to #features in 48 hours.

amazing, tysm! UwU