[Draft discussion] Toggle between current and full arrangement horizontal zoom/position

Hi @ratzekind , welcome! Just checking, have you seen the other feature requests related to zooming? Topics tagged zoom

Just wondering whether this is a separate feature or could complement one of the existing feature requests.

(Also, please, don’t remove the template. If you don’t want to fill it it’s fine, others will.) :slight_smile:

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Hi @icaria36 , thanks for getting back. I think this feature differs from the other zooming feature requests, as far as I understood the other ones. This one is only referring to horizontal zooming out and getting back to where you were. I’ve clarified it a bit, and added back in the template. Sorry for removing it :slight_smile: .

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This does seem to me to be distinct from the other topics, for the reasons you described. Thanks for filling in the template. Lets give this some time for any further discussions :slight_smile:

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Hi @bjorn , thanks for confirming :wink:. Here’s to hoping this will see some traction, and a possible inclusion in Bitwig at some point.

@ratzekind of course, and yes lets hope so. Seems like a useful feature and probably pretty easy to implement.

OT - I think I recognise your photo maybe from twitter. ISTR seeing a photo of your piano a little while ago :smiley:

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@bjorn It’s just minor, but those are one of the things that make Live really beautiful. I had a v1 license I bought for cheap from someone and wanted to dive deeper into Bitwig for so long and finally jumped onto the Upgrade plan in summer, but so far for many things I can’t find the Bitwig equivalent, which often makes me revert to Live in order to work quicker. Improvements like these here would surely help!

As for the OT - that’s funny. The least explored of my channels, and you saw me there? Piano sounds reasonable, would love to know where our connection is there :slight_smile: ! I’m e.no or @enoversum as an artist :slight_smile: !

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@ratzekind yeah these little “QOL” improvements really do make all the difference when you’re carring out the same function many many times. Lets give this a bit more time for any further discussions before promoting to #features

I had a look on twitter and I see that you’re followed by Jake at Electrodrome, which is probably how I’ve seen some of your tweets :slight_smile: Going to check out your tunes now!

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@bjorn Yes! Absolutely! I realised when I looked more seriously into Bitwig since this summer, that I try to recreate the easiness and workflow I know from Live, almost as if I wanted a clone of that, but somehow better. And I’m again and again surprised how well-thought Bitwig is, even when the features are different from its older brother :slight_smile: . And I haven’t even opened the Grid, but already appreciated devices like Mid/Side, something so simple that Live doesn’t know.

Ah yes, Jake and his Electrodrome. Yes, once we get hooked on a topic, no matter what channel, we’re rolling and chatting a lot, and he plays a lot (I think: all) of my tracks and remixes. His radio show is one of the best I know to date, and enjoy each time; he has a certain timbre he puts into his shows that I really embrace :slight_smile: . I now will follow you around on Twitter and Facebook - velkommer :slight_smile: !

@ratzekind tusen takk min venn :smiley: Jake has played a few of my tracks too which was kind of mindblowing, really. He’s a great guy, very real and humble which feels so rare these days.

Just going to promote this to #features now :slight_smile:

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