[Draft discussion] Text annotations

A screenshot! Thank you. How does this plugin work? Do you have one notepad for one project or can you insert notes in the arranger, in device chains…?

In The Grid there are two related modules:


Large text widget


Smaller text widget

They can be added anywhere in a Grid patch. Having a way to insert notes in places outside The Grid would be cool indeed. It would also support the concept of Asynchronous network collaboration (like comments in software code, left for yourself in the future and also for others).

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it can be inserted anywhere, as a reqular LV2 plugin, and that’s the point – having notes exactly where needed.

ah, the Grid. since i’m on 16-track, i don’t have it.

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I was going to try this plugin but the links point to 404 Not Found. In theory it can be built from source but… isn’t there a binary released anywhere? :slight_smile:

Calling “Notes” to a music (“notes”) software to take “notes”… doesn’t make searching easy.

Anywhere? Can you insert a note in a clip in the arranger or the clip launcher? In the inspector? In a knob of a synth? :slight_smile:

I’m still trying to visualize hiow this looks like. Could you share a screenshot of Bitwig in fullscreen with notes, please?

First, I suggest we call this feature “annotation”, which is more specific and less prone to confusion in a DAW than “notes”.

What if the Inspector Panel would have one field for annotations? There is space for anything there, and it is designed to receive and store user input. Also, almost every single object in Bitwig has something to show in the inspector panel when selected, from an entire track to a single note.

How to find annotations?

Well, in principle annotations are like source code comments or actual annotations in books, you are supposed to find them when you are doing something with the annotated object.

Still, it would be nice if when an object has an annotation, a :spiral_notepad: icon would appear in its UI, to call the attention. Imagine that one clip contains a note, and you could see this from the arranger.

Fair enough. In this video that @corradococco published today, one can see good use of notes in The Grid.

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Hi @chaocrator @icaria36
Yes I usually make notes especially when things go further in a patch and tend to become complex, cause when you’ll reopen this maybe after two weeks it helps me to quickly understand the workflow and also for people who join my patch and they hope to understand the idea and the signal flow… Anyway I know there is no “Annotation” tool at the moment… Sometimes I use an Fx Grid like an annotation tool as you can see in this image below… In other words this Fx Grid leaves unaltered sounds, but it helps me to put some notes using only native tools…

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Cue markers could also take annotations. Currently you can add a title and edit it in the inspector panel. Here too a textarea for annotations could be added to the inspector. There is plenty of unused space there.

I really like this idea and this would be especially helpful for macro controls and modulators because they can get quite complex.

I came here from Ability to create your own Help Pages for devices and I think this would tie in quite nicely there if the help window would show these annotations. However, it could be quite difficult to implement an algorithm that distributes the annotation over the help screen, especially if they become longer.

Should the inspector annotations become their own feature request? Or if @chaocrator agrees, we could rework this one because personally, I don’t see how a dedicated device would offer any advantages over annotations in the inspector panel.

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Yes, I think we can focus this request on an option suggesting the use of the inspector panel as a solution. Anyway if the Bitwig team wants to tackle the problem of annotations, they will decide how they want to approach it.

What do you think about this?

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I think this is great if you use annotations only sparingly. On the other hand, if you have a complex preset with lots of remote controls and each one has an annotation, it can become really cluttered. Maybe if you can toggle it on and off.

There’s also MNotePad by MeldaProduction which is free. The problem is that you need to press shift+spacebar if you want to enter a space because spacebar by itself starts/stops playback. So a built-in option would be definitely prefrable.

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@here, I have edited the description. Please review it. If there are no stoppers, I will promote it to #features in a couple of days.

All the information I have found shows screenshots of the widget itself, but nothing about how these annotations are inserted and how they can be found in the UI of the DAW. How does it work?

It’s a VST you can add to your tracks. If you want to add/read annotations, you have to open the plugins GUI.

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