[Draft discussion] Support MIDI SysEx at the device / track level

Thank you, @hockinsk. I have added a template created (based on some feedback received) after you submitted this proposal. I hope it helps putting this request in good shape.

OK, thanks, I’ve edited accordingly to justify the wish ; )

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Thanks @hockinsk, the detail and readability is great. I’ll come back and check tomorrow and if there are no further edits I’ll move to #features.

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Wouldn’t it be better to focus on the basics required first. This feature requests starts well but then starts adding things and more things. What would be the essential feature to get that piece of hardware or that VST running in Bitwig?

This section was missing. Is Bitwig aiming to combine well with old hardware and VSTs (if I’m characterizing SysEx correctly)? Can be tie this with the experimental and modular audience that Bitwig allegedly targets to?

Also, I have reordered a bit the content to better fit the template.

I will edit it to be more precise, although what’s stated is really the minimum required to cover typical control of any synth that doesn’t use CC and depends on Sysex.

Example 1
Imagine you want to control the VCF Cutoff on an old Kawai synth. You can’t do that using CC, because Kawai synths only recognise CC for Modulation, Portamento, Volume & Release. To control the VCF Cutoff you would need to send parameter 10 (0A), value 49 (03 01) so the SysEx would need to be output from Bitwig on the Kawai’s midi channel as e.g. F0 40 00 10 00 01 0A 03 01 F7 and each increase/decrease in value send the next SysEx just like is required when using MIDI CC. This would be a classic way to do it from Bitwig automation lane.

Example 2
Likewise, you might want to simply modulate the device rather than automation lane, so you would need a MIDI SYSEX device to do that.

Example 3
You often just want to send some SysEx to a synth manually too in order to set something up, select a mode, patch, special command etc. Of course, you can use a 3rd party too like MIDIOX, but then it would be nice to just fire it all from Bitwig instead. Logically, it would need to be a device, just as we see in the existing MIDI Song Select or MIDI Program Change Devices for making ad-hoc changes.

Below is a visual proposal of how it could work. Bitwig pretty much offers all the functionality for MIDI CC already, it’s just allowing/including SysEx too.

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@hockinsk thanks for the clarification. If you’d like to edit the OP with any of this explanation could you tag myself or @icaria36 so we’ll know. I’d offer to do it myself but I don’t really understand the vernacular xD

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These examples are very useful, and the mockups are just great. Thank you so much! I have integrated them in the description. Please have a look. I think this is ready for #features

Hi there, sorry I’ve been busy the last few days. All looks good to me. Let me know if you need anything else.

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