[Draft discussion] Simple transient/sustain splitting

Hi @nezoomie, welcome!

Can you explain a real life example where you would need this? It’s just to better understand which type of incoming audio and post-split devices are you thinking of. Which kind of sound you’re after. Is this about drums, synths, else…?

As you mention, Bitwig has already a Transient Control device, Mid-Side Split and Instrument Selector. One has to wonder whether among the +1000 presets created there isn’t already one doing this. It seems technically possible?

Really? If the preset already exists and all the user has to do is to use the remote controls?

I’m not saying the device you are suggesting shouldn’t be developed. I’m just wonder what is technically possible already today. :slight_smile:

Thanks! For what is worth, the video can be followed regardless of the language. This could be a just a preset for #bitwiggers-com:presets-clips

@nezoomie what do you think about this approach?

Sorry for not following up here. Then, should we keep this request as is, update it, or drop it?

I think in the end it’s up to the Bitwig team to decide if the feature fits more into a new container device or the existing transient control, but I’d still be for keeping the request as the workaround is not really as practical as a native solution

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Ok, this is fair.

@here Ok, as @nezoomie says, if the Bitwig team is interested in this request then they decide how to implement it. I have edited the description to focus on the description of the feature and mention the two implementations that have been proposed here. What do you think?

If nobody has any objection, I will promote this draft to #features in a couple of days.