[Draft discussion] Record into Grid Sampler

I remember a thread about this a while back on Reddit where somebody was trying to wire up a workaround in the grid. I don’t think they ever got it working satisfactorally. Lets give this 24 hours for discussion and then I’ll move over to #features

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Can you explain this a bit more in the description for us basic users, please? :slight_smile: Why is the Recorder device limiter? What would be an example of recording directly on the Sampler?

Also, you mention the usefulness of this feature in a liver performance. Could you add a short example in the description please?

Examples of samplers that do this are The Elektron Octatrack or Akai MPC. The advantage of recording into sampler as opposed to the recorder module is that you can easily play notes, and tweak sampler parameters, just as you would with a loaded in sample. This would be especially useful for live performances. Plus, you could integrate more experimental sampling methods, often found in Eurorack samplers, such as Morphagene.

The most straight forward example of a live use would be recording a live instrument, synth, or vocal sequence, and then live sampling it, so you could play melodies with it.

The recorder is limited, because it lacks a note input, and all of the other sampler parameters. You can still do a lot with it, but the addition of basic sampler parameters, as opposed to just record and play, would make it more useful, and easier to use.

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Thank you so much for the explanation. Can you integrate it to the description, please? After this, I think this draft will be ready for #features

I just changed the description to make it more complete. It might be a bit long. Let me know what you think. I also mentioned the idea of allowing it to be patched back into itself (feedback), so we can do techniques like “time lag accumulation”, which is a is a popular method in Eurorack samplers, like the “Morphagene”.

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I made some small edits to the description. I think this is good to go to #features

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