[Draft discussion] Pitch adjustments snaps by semitones when pressing CTRL

Do you mean that for any pitch knob in Bitwig there should be a way to snap by semitones? Is the problem that changes by a tenth of semitone make it more difficult to select the desired semitone value without typing it?

Exactly! And CTRL should be the modifier for that. It actually makes it much easier when auditioning samples or patches in different keys more easily rather than having to type it in all the time.

@leo.nordmann I have edited the title and the description without changing the meaning, only to not make base the proposal (which can be justified in itself) all around Surge. I have kept the mention to Surge in the “other products” section. Are you ok with this?

Unless there are any blockers, I will promote this draft to features in a couple of days.

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That’s totally fine with me :slight_smile:

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